Hey Y’all!

2017-08-04 14.15.42.jpgI’m Taylor, a nineteen-year-old college student at the University of Utah, lover of bull riding and rodeos, sports enthusiast, reader, and adventure seeker. I started this blog to be an online journal because I missed writing for fun, and it’s turned into my journey through college and hopefully PA school when the time comes.

My blog will contain everything college from my experiences, what my life is like as an Athletic Training major (no, that is not a personal trainer. Big difference), the adventures I go on, and anything I find that could be helpful for college-aged students.

I love the power of words, so feel free to leave me advice, tips or tricks you’ve learned from college or adventures, or anything you see fit in the comments. If you want to get a hold of me, check out my Contact¬†page to send me an email. My Social Media Handles¬†will have behind-the-scenes looks into my blogging, extras, and maybe even bloopers.

I’ll be trying to post every Wednesday and at least once a month on Friday, so keep a lookout!

Happy Exploring!